Who We Are

Why does Muddy Puddles exist?

Here at Muddy Puddles we are dedicated to connecting and supporting South Australian children with significant bladder and bowel dysfunction. Surgical interventions and repeated hospitalisations are both routine and ongoing and we are committed to not only helping these children but also to supporting their families through the good, the bad and the ugly.


Conditions affecting our families

Conditions affecting the bowel and bladder can be ugly and are in these cases chronic; meaning here to stay. They often result in children being subjected to trauma that many of us would be unable to dream up even in the worst of nightmares.

The basic human function to be able to empty your bowels and bladder naturally and on your own is impossible for many of our Muddy Puddles children and they are 100% reliant on their parents and carers to help them with this.

Why is Muddy Puddles essential?

Because there is an unspoken, and incredibly powerful, comfort in finding someone who truly gets it.


All of our funding comes from generous people like you so we strive to commit as much of our funds directly to our cause. We gratefully acknowledge the support shown to us. Every single dollar helps our mission to connect and sustain these Muddy Puddles connections.

Donations from you, our community, help us to:

  • Fund ongoing and tailored family catch up days
  • Fund annual family camps
  • Support the siblings of affected children
  • Provide Art Therapy as a psychological support for all MP children
  • Research best practice in preventative therapies for children experiencing medically related trauma.
  • Research and work towards a Centre of Excellence in Adelaide for children with bowel and bladder dysfunction
  • Give tailored support to families in need during ongoing hospitalisations
  • Bring children and families out of isolation
  • Provide a safe space for affected children and families to come to and share their stories
  • Develop skills around advocacy
  • Build stronger links with the Women's and Children's Hospital
  • Offer extra-ordinary experiences with the right medical and psychological supports in place
  • Fight to prevent and lessen the impact of medically related trauma in affected children


What Our Families Are Saying

"Its a great place to feel that you are not being judged when the tears flow from either happiness or sadness"

You are not being judged

"Muddy Puddles is a safe place to vent, to chat and to share information. It's nice to have someone who "gets it" when you feel isolated by your child's condition."

A safe place

“I'm comforted knowing that my little one will grow up knowing that he is not alone. He will have friends that know the feeling of spending night after night in hospital and having to endure tests, procedures and operations regularly throughout their precious lives. For that, Muddy Puddles, I am thankful.”

I am thankful

“Hi Muddy Puddles Team, I just wanted to say a massive THANK you for all you have done for us this week. Not only has the support of other Muddy Puddles families been fantastic, the Muddy Puddles Foundation has gone above and beyond. I will never be able to thank you enough. From one very tired, very relieved and very happy mum.”

Very happy mum

“Muddy puddles gave us light at a very dark time in our lives. We went from feeling isolated confused and alone at a very scary time for our family to feeling loved and supported and knowing we could lean on others that new exactly how we were feeling”

Feeling loved and supported

“Muddy Puddles has been a life saver for our family at a time when our sons life hung in the balance we were able to gain knowledge, information, and support with open arms from all Muddy Puddles members! We are forever grateful for this foundation and without it I shudder to think where our son would be. I have been able to get support whenever I needed all hours of the day or night”

Forever grateful

Donate today to let these little warriors know that they matter.